Business information shared with a single tap
Tag an NFC card on your smartphone and share the information you want immediately
NFC card with unlimited use
Don't worry about running out of business cards! Now, share your digital business card as much as you want with a single NFC card.
Try putting various functions on your NFC card!
From storing my contact information to my SNS account, everything can be included in a single NFC card.
A page introducing myself, such as a website or SNS.
All the links you want to share, such as YouTube or Notion
Share your digital business card
Just put the NFC card behind the phone and the digital business card page appears. Android and iPhone are available!
My own design My own business card page

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Frequently Asked Questions
NFC business cards are not recognized on Android phones. How shall I do it?

Verify that NFC is in 'Standard Mode'. You can check it in Settings→Connection→NFC and Payment

How do I get mys NFC business card if it's an iPhone?

If your phone is an iPhone, simply tap UniCard NFC on the top of your phone.

Is it possible to customize the design on the card?

In the card design selection step, select ‘Own Design’ and upload a 90mm x 58mm image. The final print size is 86mm x 54mm, so you must upload an image with a 2mm cutting margin.

Can I put my company's logo on the card?

For regular orders, you cannot customize the company logo. It's possible to place a corporate group order, and if you want to place a corporate group order, please contact us through 'Group Order Inquiry' at the top of the site.

Can I save the number of the web business card right away?

You can save it right away by clicking the Register Contact button on the web business card page.

Can I modify the information on the web business card?

After logging in to the UniCard, you can modify your profile by clicking the URL at the bottom of My Page -> My UniCard in the upper right corner of the main screen.